Sunday, 27 November 2011

A WORKING TITLE is a platform of new work and commissions from artists based in the UK and Europe. Taking place on Sat 26 & Sun 27 November 2011 in Lincoln, UK.

A Protest in Silence
DR plan an investigation into the world of the under appreciated and down trodden through class systems and governmental probing.

Exploring a world ran by the corporate empires in a fragile climate where situations make the voice of the modern man small at best and advertising takes control prompting spending at every occasion; DR take their fragile dystopia where a negative working life is propped up by an influenced need to purchase. Turning their suppression into a visualized frustration through a text influenced performance which uses direct quotes from the artist’s consciousness DR aim to undergo an innocent and silent attack on their situation which highlights the truth they choose to ignore where fate already dealt their hand.

No Choice, Don’t Watch This

No Choice, Don’t Watch This is an attempt to highlight the choices and freedoms we have, reminding us that we do or do not have to conform. The past is instructing us all, as we explore our roles within this space, and find how our inability to follow the instructions given from the past inform and create the future.

Questioning our position in society as a participant in a structured way of life, under surveillance and instruction the piece probes the audience to act.


Dressed in purple Anne-Gaelle will follow numbered instructions on her iPod for two hours. The instructions recall computer programming and accounting, delivered by a female voiceover. Following a predetermined route of the city travelling on foot, by bus and boat - whilst buying tickets, waiting and moving Anne-Gelle embodies the instructions, creating over time an abstract parchment documenting her journey.

Anne-Gaelle carries a second set of headphones for passersby.

Roadkill Family Album series

Taken from the series Roadkill Family Album, an ongoing series of works which begun in 2000, Nigel exhibits one of his latest additions, shown for the first time in a public location.
Taking the form of an alternative family album using his friends and family the series highlights the constructed nature of images in Nigel’s photographs. Each piece silently questions the role of the human within nature, paring it with self destructive nature displayed within pockets society.

False Movement #1 (goodbye Black Pig City)

CARGOCULT undertake a new commission for A WORKING TITLE which will explore LPAC in an unconventional way, travelling through different floors and openings across the whole building. Mental planes and physical spaces fuse together into a new path which plays on several slight deviations of sense.
CARGOCULT is an artist-led collective established in 2010 by John Cascone, Fabiano Cosma and Antonio Dell’Aquila. Since 2005 they have started a long-term collaboration working on the Black Big City project and experiencing different methods of audience involvement with an ironical and critical approach.

Bunker By Day/Festival By Night 

Possibly one of the most important influences on the city of Lincoln in recent times is the University, rapidly growing and climbing higher education league tables, injecting into local businesses and the community. But funding cuts and raising tuition fees prompted an unprecedented influx of applicants, and no drop outs, more so than the University could accommodate in its student village or other certified student housing. However, where other campus' turned away the influx of fresh students or left them to find their own accommodation Lincoln University generously opted to offer temporary accommodation; The Festival Gardens.

The documentary portrays the experiences of the fresher’s of the Festival Gardens.

And that was our Saturday 26th November 2011, thanks to Amelia Beavis-Harrison for setting up A WORKING TITLE.

All Photo's by Tom Cretney

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