Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Monks Gallery is sadly coming to an end

But do not be sad we are moving on to other projects follow us on Twitter @lincolndr
 and find out more about the existing new collective in Lincoln General Practice.

Its been a fantastic two years at The Monks Gallery thank you for all your support, all the photos have been uploaded to Facebook of the last two years. we have had some amazing artists.

All the artists listed who have show over the last tow years-

Littlewhitehead,Phill Hopkins,Sian Bonnell,Richard Dedomenici, Fiona Curran and Laura Mahony,Tessa Farmer,James Hopkins,Emma Stark,Dale Fearnley,Clare Tubby, Rebecca Glover,The Postmethodists, Amelia Beavis-Harrison,Alex Pearl,Martyn Smith,Peter Mills,Tom Duggan,Thomas Goddard,Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Ahmed & Carpenter, Ben Woodeson, Sam Venables. Stu Burke, Tom Cretney, Nick Simpson,Rob Britt,Liz Dunn,Ross Oliver,doug fishbone,Kevin Hunt,Tom Nolan,Alan Armstrong,Andrew Bracey,John Plowman,Ian manicom,Joana Cifre Cerdà,Paul D C Kindersley,Grimes & Jones. 

We are a collective of 14 artists based in Lincoln. Working in collaboration, we seek to stimulate the City of Lincoln's contemporary art culture with new exciting projects, events and workshops. More information to be announced. follow us on twitter @g_practice .

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